Jan 21, 2006 Sedonas Vortex Center of Earth
Why all parents create their children just to kill them
You are the living dead. In your lineage, all your ancestors are dead or dying. You use this statistical reality to defend your own death. Your mortality probability is connected to your belief which runs your intent. Cut the chain of bondage, walk out of your jail. Birth your will. Surrender to eternal truth. Evolve your attitude. Enter Mandatory Eternal Physicality. Stop dying in front of children. You are their poison until you radiate resolution and integrity. Be the way. Light it up, NOW!
Evolution constructed your high brain volume and its receptivity. Someone who proceeded you into clarity is communing with your mindspace now using these words. You ARE called forth from the great living sleep to light the path for those around you. Begin.
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C11 Eternal dna is the consciouness seed of the universe. Because the ever violent universe,
largely void of ethic except for the eventual product [us], cannot protect nurseries such as earth from violence, the
evolution has been modified and delayed by chaotic internal and external forces. Not only are all dna prototypes [us]
destructively tested, but, occassionally, as seen in our collective archaeological record, many complete species can be
simultaneously extinguished in a single event such as the iridium flavored asteroid impact of approximately 60 million
years ago.

It is coming clear to a few individuals that our position and opportunity as the real savior is now accelerating. It is
known roughly as "the quickening". Confusion, belief, and speculation have all run their course. Prophets and those posing as
prophets have come and gone and left their mark. Statistically evident is the fact that all parents are still breeding to
kill as they are still in the pre-ethical pre-clarity paradigm of human replicative intention. Guilt denied controls the
intellect to make 100% excuses in the place of mortality resolution. Freedom, which is more accurately described as
die-on-schedulism, is definitely a huge problem.

In the last seven years of attempting to internetedly bring clarity to my family, friends, community, nation and world, I
have been met with a total wall of resistance (except for Edmont of Newzealand). My last chance to communicate to my species
is with the newest members, children, who are not yet fully deceived and hypnotised by parents, teachers, priests,
politicians and peers!

The youth of earth are the final psychical/sociological aperature of resolutionary opportunity and the internet has
appeared in perfect timing.